Personalised Camphor Laurel Wooden Pet Memorial Block - When Tomorrow Starts Without Me


Locally sourced camphor laurel has been carefully handmilled to create these memorial customisable plaques/blocks - as a result every single one will be different, showing different textures, grains, size and thicknesses. But each will feature a carefully chamfered top edge, and should still smell freshly milled on arrival.

The plaque includes your Dog's name, the years spent filling your life with love, cuddles & licks, and a heartfelt poem

Please include your Dog's Name, and relevant dates/years in your Order Notes when ordering, or send me a message to  

Each Block size will be slightly different but will measure between approx 18cm - 20cm wide, by 10 - 12cm tall, with a width of 1.5cm - 2cm. Narrow Blocks will have an additional wooden base for added stability

As these Blocks are individually custom made just for you please allow up to 5 working days for dispatch.

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