Fleece Snuffle Puzzle Ball, Dog Enrichment Puzzle - Choice of Colour


Multicolour Fleece Snuffle Puzzle Ball - This is a great enrichment activity for your dog to work their brains as they sniff and nose out the treats, pieces of carrot or kibble hidden in the fleece folds - you can make the game harder by placing the treats in the bottom of the "petal" folds, or placing inbetween the colours will be slightly easier at first. The treats are unlikely to fall out of this puzzle, especially if you place them firmly in the centre, so it makes it slightly more challenging than some other Snuffle games - sounds simple but your dog will find it great fun!

Approx size 17cm diameter

Please note, exact fabric combinations may occasionally differ very slightly from the images shown due to fabric availability, but will always be colour compatible with the print shown, and as close as possible to the original image

Fleece is a great medium for snuffling as it is non fraying and will withstand minor sucking as part of your dogs exploration - However this is a Canine Enrichment Puzzle NOT a chew toy - your dog should always be supervised, and the Ball removed once you feel all treats have been found. It is NOT suitable for serious chewers

Unlike some Snuffle Puzzles on the market please note this item is lovingly, individually handmade here in Australia, not made in bulk in China - therefore there may be some slight irregularities in the stitching and finished shape as Fleece is a stretchy fabric - Rest assured your Pup won't notice!

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