Fleece Snuffle Fish - Dog Enrichment Puzzle


Fleece Snuffle Fish - Dog Enrichment Puzzle

This is a great enrichment activity for your dog to work their brains as they sniff out the treats, pieces of carrot or kibble hidden in the multi coloured fleece "scales" of this Fish puzzle - Or even in the little pockets hidden in the Tail or Head via the "Gills"

Approx size 54cm long x 27cm wide - Includes calico quilted wadding to reverse, wipe clean inner lining and polypropylene webbing to edges for extra durability.

Please note the exact composition of the fleece scales, eyes and trim may be slightly different colours from the featured image as each new Fish I make is unique, but please rest assured it will be compatible with the base fabric colours.

Hand washable

Please note Fleece is a great medium for snuffling as it is non fraying and will withstand minor sucking as part of your dogs exploration - However this is a Canine Enrichment Puzzle NOT a chew toy - your dog should always be supervised, and the Mat removed once you feel all treats have been found. It is NOT suitable for serious chewers

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