Fleece Snuffle Birthday Cake - Dog Enrichment Puzzle


Fleece Snuffle Cake - Dog Enrichment Puzzle

This is a great alternative and a longer lasting option for your pup's birthday treat! It offers a multi faceted enrichment activity for your dog to work their brains as they sniff out the treats, pieces of carrot or kibble hidden in many different areas - Find treatos in the Snuffle Bowl in the centre, or wrapped in the removable fleece "candles", hidden in the icing "rolls", or tucked into the 8 outer pockets! Lots of brain stimulating fun to be had.

Approx size 36cm diameter - Includes sturdy poly cotton fabric to reverse, and inner wadding for extra stability.

Hand washable

Please note Fleece is a great medium for snuffling as it is non fraying and will withstand minor sucking as part of your dogs exploration - However this is a Canine Enrichment Puzzle NOT a chew toy - your dog should always be supervised, and the Avtivity removed once you feel all treats have been found. It is NOT suitable for serious chewers

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