Custom Made Sensory / Fine Motor Skills Therapy Dog Coat


Through my volunteer fostering for an Assistance Dogs programme for children with Special Needs I have created a number of custom made Sensory /Fine Motor Skills Development Coats for dogs who were about to be placed with their forever families.

These coats are lined with a soft cotton fabric and tailored to suit the wishes of the recipient child/family. Generally each bespoke design incorporates your choice of colours, textures, crinkles, D Rings, flaps, hooks, buttons, soft toys for squeezing and more, but they each have the same goal in common - In each case they are designed to engage the child and assist the bonding process with their new pup. Buttons, zippers, velcro, poppers, buckles etc can also be incorporated to assist with and encourage fine motor skills development. Or even a specific print requirement like the featured coat which displays the numbers 1 - 10

All coats can be adjusted for size, and also the preferences for colours, fabrics and embellishments, so please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs -


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