Forager Snuffle Roll Mat - Put Your Dogs nose and Brain to work


Forager Snuffle Roll Mat 

This versatile fleece Forager Snuffle Roll Mat features a total of 20 pockets, 10 to one side and 10 to the other, facing opposite each other.   Hiding treats or dry food in the pockets encourages your dog to use its natural instincts and keen sense of smell, reduce anxiety and burn off energy.  Velcro tabs to each corner allow you to fix the roll over a chair back, or perhaps to the side of a crate - ideal for senior dogs or those with mobility issues who may struggle to snuffle on the floor.  The tabs can also be used to hold the roll closed when not in use.

Each individual pocket measures approx 15cm x 8cm, with the mat itself measuring a generous 86cm x 32cm. The pockets and top layer are made of top quality polar fleece, with a solid colour poly cotton base. Sandwiched in-between is a layer of wadding to add weight and stability to the mat for when used on the floor.

Hand washable, or machine wash on a gentle cycle.

Please note Fleece is a great medium for snuffling as it is non fraying and will withstand minor sucking as part of your dogs exploration - However this is a Canine Enrichment Puzzle NOT a chew toy - your dog should always be supervised, and the Mat removed once you feel all treats have been found. It is NOT suitable for serious chewers

Unlike some Snuffle Activities on the market please note this item is lovingly, individually handmade by me here in Australia, not made in China - therefore there may be some slight irregularities in the stitching as Fleece is a stretchy fabric to work with

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