Christmas Enrichment Fun - Snuffle Ball, Bungee Plaited Tug or Bungee Flutter Tug


Choose from a Snuffle Ball, Bungee Plaited Tug or Bungee Flutter Tug in this fun festive collection of enrichment activities - or a mix of them all!

Fleece Snuffle Puzzle Ball - This is a great enrichment activity for your dog to work their brains as they sniff and nose out the treats, pieces of carrot or kibble hidden in the fleece folds - you can make the game harder by placing the treats in the bottom of the "petal" folds, or placing inbetween the colours will be slightly easier at first. 

Fleece Plaited Bungee Tug Game - This chunky fleece plait will entice your puppy into a great game of tug. Approx full length unstretched 75cm , extending to approx 90cm

Fleece Flutter Bungee Tug Game - The bungee lead is made of a sturdy polyester webbing with a hand strap, allowing you to shuffle the lure along the ground.  The fleece strips are designed to look and act a bit like feathers and so attract your dog's attention. Approx length of fleece strips 26cm 

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