Bungee Snuffle Treat Pockets, Great for Mental stimulation & Scent Training


Bungee Snuffle Treat Pockets - If your dog is food driven but needs a bit of motivation to get involved these Bungee Snuffle Treat Pockets are an innovative way to combine games of Tug and Fetch - Once your pup realises there are treats hidden in the bag he can tug, bring it back to you for a reward, or more advanced snufflers may attempt to nose open the velcro and burrow into the bag to source his own reward

Approx finished Pocket size 11cm x 19cm cm, bungee strap approx 33cm (yellow & purple) 40cm (black)

Choose from a wipe clean water resistant fabric, polyester fake fur with water resistant lining, or light poly cotton canvas with nylon lining. All are hand washable but please don't tumble dry.

Please note this is a Canine Enrichment Puzzle not a chew toy, your dog should always be supervised, and the Game removed once you feel all treats have been found - It is NOT suitable for serious chewers

Unlike some Snuffle Games on the market please note this item is lovingly, individually handmade here in Australia, not made in China - therefore there may be some slight irregularities in the stitching.

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