Bungee Fleece Flutter Tug Toy, Puppy Enrichment Game - Choice of Colour


Multicolour Fleece Flutter Bungee Tug Game - This might look like a fancy feather duster but the colourful movement of the fleece strips will entice your puppy into a great game of tug

The bungee lead is made of a sturdy polyester webbing with a hand strap, and this helps with the game as you can shuffle the lure along the ground. Meanwhile the colourful, fluttering fleece strips are secured around a steel ring which is also attached to the hand strap. The fleece strips are designed to look snd act a bit like feathers and so attract your dog's attention

Approx Length of bungee strap - 34cm, extending to 47cm

Approx length of fleece strips 26cm

Choose from different colour combinations, listed by the colour of their hand strap.

Hand washable

Please note Fleece is a great medium for snuffling and play as it is non fraying and will withstand minor sucking as part of your dogs exploration - However this is a Canine Enrichment Game NOT a chew toy - your dog should always be supervised during play. It is NOT suitable for serious chewers

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