Shadowbox Framed Pebble Art "Family Flock...."


"Family Flock"

I was asked to create a unique pebble art picture that would represent several generations of one family, including a husband and wife, and their 3 children, one of whom had married and had two children. To accommodate this I created a bespoke plywood tree, and the resulting family of pebble birds - the "Family" Flock

It proved to be such a hit with the family that I decided to add it to my range as the tree can adapted for other families (up to 3 generations) The hessian strip at the bottom can include a printed message of your choice, or simply your Family Name and "Flock".

The frame includes a clear acrylic pane at the front making it safer for postage than glass, and it has a stand at the back as well as a hanging hook

This finished design measures 25 x 25cm with a depth of approx 3cm, and can be hung on a wall or will stand on a shelf, and would make a wonderful and unusual Gift for any family member

***Please note there will be some minor change to the featured picture as this was a specific design created for a client. The "customised tree" and "pebbles" would be very slightly different in any re-creation***

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