Double Ended 19mm 3/4" wide BioThaneTM Waterproof, Stinkproof, Wipe Clean Tethering Dog Lead/Leash


This new range of BioThane Double Ended Tethering Leads is not only incredibly eye catching, but its super practical too - especially if you have a pup who enjoys a regular swim, mud bath, or mucky play date!

How do you clean a BioThane dog lead? Just wipe it off! Yes its that simple - BioThane coated webbing (also known as Vegan Leather) is waterproof, stink-proof, and pretty much headache proof for dog owners. It is also incredibly durable.

Featuring a 360" swivel clasp to each end, with a D ring at one end for tethering or to shorten lead to half length, this lead measures approx 1.8m metres excluding fixings, width 1.9cm

Handmade in Australia


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