Highlanders iTag Team Logo Car Sticker Sheet


This sheet includes 5 stickers of various sizes.  Each motif is kiss cut

    Stick them on:

      • Car windscreens, windows and painted panels
      • Trailers, Vans, trucks and motorbikes
      • Bedroom windows, Shop and office windows
      • Bike helmets, bicycles, books, skateboards, RC cars
      • Toolboxes, fridges, wheelie bins, filing cabinets, eskys (chilly/cooler bins)
      • Motorbike helmets and other personal and home items, like computer cases - ANY SMOOTH SURFACE!
    The iTAG decal/sticker is:
    • Easy to apply
    • Genuine outdoor white vinyl
    • Each sticker is pre-cut to it's shape 
    • Sizes vary from 30mm to 100mm (varies according to team logo) 
    • Guaranteed 1 year fade resistance

     The iTAG is made from commercial grade genuine car vinyl film and is rated to last significantly longer than the typical cheap bumper stickers

    Official licensed product!

    Please note, we recommend that you do not apply the iTAG decal/sticker on a horizontal surface or near heat sources, such as car panels near exhausts and engines, such as car bonnets.


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