25mm Soft Pink Stretchy Bungee Dog Leash/Lead ideal for Sniffer Walking -


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Allowing a dog to sniff during walks can be a great way to enrich their experience and stimulate their minds - a bit like Social Media for dogs sniffing allows them to sense who, or what, has been there before them and in fact a 10 minute sniff walk is equivalent mental exercise to an hour's tight leash walk!

These stretchy bungee leads/leashes have been specifically designed to give your pups some leeway on their walk, allowing an element of freedom while still securely attached to, or held by you. They offer a positive alternative to springy, ankle tripping retractable leashes. 

More designs are in the pipeline but for now the details on this option are as follows:

25mm soft polyester webbing to each end, standard hand loop & gold coloured metal swivel clasp.
Length unstretched 1.1m, with full stretch 1.5m
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